Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wedding Attire

Hello! It's been quite some time since I last wrote on this blog. About 18 months to be exact, and what better reason to start up again than a wedding. The last sibling to be married!

My husbands youngest brother, Trent, has met the girl he wants to be with forever!! Her name is Lindsey and she is just perfect for him!

Well their wedding is in August and so to help all the wedding party look coordinated, we were given color samples to help us choose our attire. 

And since Lucy's birthday is less than a month later, I'm combining the wedding attire and her birthday dress into one. She is rather excited since it will get to be a bit fancier than she is use to getting!

So with that said let me show you this great idea I had to figure out how to do the skirt without having to sew and unpick it a million times.

I took an outdoor umbrella stand and pole, a #10 can and a foam pad and got to work. First I put the pole on the stand and secured it. Then I rolled the #10 can into the foam pad, more on one side than in the middle, and secured it with ribbon. I wrapped some towels up and stuffed them into the can and placed it upside down on the pole. And ta-dah a home made skirt form. It looks like this once I put the lining of the skirt on it.

Then I was able to pin the tulle and lace to see what I liked best.

I tried horizontal tulle,

Draping lace around it.

(She was pretty happy about this process ...see her in the corner!!)
Lace and draped lace,

And tulle with draped lace.

Before she finally decided she liked the simple gathered lace look. 

She is really happy and excited about the results. And I'm pretty happy about the makeshift skirt form.

Now to get started on my dress.....

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